How can I keep pizza warm on the trip home?

Lifehacks Asked by CodeFanatic on September 1, 2021

Many of you know that problem, after work you go and get some “Pizza to go” from the Italian restaurant. When you arrive at home it is not really warm anymore no matter whether you put it in a bag or not. Does anyone know a lifehack which could help me keeping it warmer?

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You know the insulated bags used to keep groceries cold on the trip home? They look like this or similar:

enter image description here

They also work to keep things warm. If you have one big enough for pizza, put it in the bag preferably in the shop, get as much air out as possible, and put it in your car (which should be warmed up first in winter) on one of the seats, then put a towel/folded blanket over it. Eat as soon as possible after arriving at your destination.

Correct answer by J. Musser on September 1, 2021

I suggest couple of more hacks to keep the pizza warm on the way home:

  1. Hot water bottle - Works if you happen to be travelling from home or somewhere with a kettle to fill it up.
  2. Picnic cool box if you have one, as it also keep the warmth inside.

Answered by user31728 on September 1, 2021

I'm a pizza shop owner. I often sell "half baked" pizzas to customers who want to finish baking it at home. Ten minutes in the oven and you have a wonderful pizza shop flavor and the warm pizza you are craving. Ask your favorite shop to "half bake" your pie for you or come to my shop and I will fix u up;)

Answered by Pam on September 1, 2021

If your car has a seat warmer (most modern ones do), turn it on and put the pizza (in the box) on the seat. If you really want warm pizza, put a jacket/blanket/something over it.

Answered by Kaz Wolfe on September 1, 2021

Get an old blanket and lay it over the pizza boxes on the seat, covering the sides of the boxes if possible. If the blanket is large enough, fold it first so that you have 2 or 4 layers keeping your pizza hot.

I have found this to be more effective than insulated bags, especially when the blanket is doubled up.

*(Old blanket so that if there is sauce/grease on the outside, you're not out your favorite blanket)

Answered by Mooseman on September 1, 2021

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