How to clean pipe cleaner so that it does not rust?

Lifehacks Asked by I likeThatMeow on September 1, 2021

I am using pipe cleaners as an adjuster for my masks. How can I clean the pipe cleaner so that it does not rust?

I have read that when washed they rust. And in summary this is bad for health.

Any help is kindly appreciated

One Answer

pipe cleaners rust when they are kept in a damp state. If you want to wash them in soap and water, you have to dry them out thoroughly when done- or else they will rust.

a better solution is to use aluminum wire inserted into a seam in the mask for maintaining shape. aluminum wire will not rust and is sold in hardware stores for hanging pictures on walls. If a single strand is not stiff enough, multiple strands of it can easily be twisted together to form a stiffer wire.

It is not expensive, and can be easily cut with a small hand tool called a diagonal cutter, also available in hardware stores.

Answered by niels nielsen on September 1, 2021

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