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How can I keep pizza warm on the trip home?

Many of you know that problem, after work you go and get some "Pizza to go" from the Italian restaurant. When you arrive at home it is not really warm...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by CodeFanatic

5 answer

Diesel fuel smell out of clothing?

I recently used the diesel pump on a frigid morning and got fuel on my polar fleece (synthetic material) gloves. I have soaked them, washed them normally, washed...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Phlume

11 answer

How can I fortify micro USB connectors

Perhaps I'm heavy-handed but I've accidentally broken many micro usb cables by bending the connector on the cable and pulling it out of it's housing. I've tried a premium cable...

Asked on 09/01/2021

5 answer

How can I clean a textured bathtub?

My bathtub has a textured non-slip surface on the bottom, which is in the form of a fine grid of raised and lowered areas, forming thousands of tiny squares about...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Nate Eldredge

8 answer

Household reference for measuring accuracy of an oral (digital) thermometer?

I purchased a $10 Relion 2-second digital oral clinical thermometer and it appears to be completely unreliable. It is off 0.5 - 1.0° F on successive measurements (even with proper...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Dalton Bentley

5 answer

How to remove scratches on windshield caused by scotch brite?

Today I removed my tollgate sticker with warm water and the green side of the scotch brite sponge. Now inside of the windshield where the sticker used...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by şaloma

3 answer

How to dry shoes quickly after washing them?

I washed my shoes some 72 hours ago; at the moment they are still too damp for me to wear. I know that there are shoe dryers available,...

Asked on 09/01/2021

5 answer

Clean Automatic Transmission Fluid (Oil) from Car Carpet

I've bought a car that was stuck for two years into a garage and was used for storing a car part that left the rear carpet filled with ATF Oil....

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Aoryu

2 answer

Get rid of laundry detergent smell in room

my parents used diluted laundry detergent to wipe the walls when they moved into an old the place is filled with laundry detergent smell, which is quite unpleasant...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by Peter C

2 answer

A better heat & fire resistant suspension hack than the looped elastic fabric I have used here?

A better heat & fire resistant suspension hack than the looped elastic fabric I have used here? Note:Currently in Lockdown in a condo in Asia where corona has surpassed WuhanStepping...

Asked on 09/01/2021

2 answer

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