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Tried to remove old tape residue on painted wall with cooking oil

Currently cleaning my dorm room and had some tape residue on my painted wall. Tried scrubbing it with warm water and soap, but nothing worked. I read that using a...

Asked on 09/01/2021

3 answer

How to clean pipe cleaner so that it does not rust?

I am using pipe cleaners as an adjuster for my masks. How can I clean the pipe cleaner so that it does not rust? I have read that when...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by I likeThatMeow

1 answer

How to clean Stainless Steel nail clippers without rusting them?

I followed these instructions, but my BOYOU Stainless Steel nail clippers still rust. What am I flubbing? ...

Asked on 09/01/2021

1 answer

How can I remove unwanted human hair from clothing after washing?

I was wondering how to remove human hair that builds up and sticks to my clothing? I've noticed this right after my clothes have been put away. Is there any...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by user31813

2 answer

How to make my bathtub slippery

We've rented an apartment and the bathtub surface is not slippery enough. I know that being slippery is a downside for bathtubs, but it causes so many problems. The main...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by P.Alipoor

2 answer

Cut a magnet into smaller pieces

I salvaged this 10 lb magnet from a 1000 watt speaker. I trying to make smaller magnets from it. Wikihow says to either chip it with a hammer or saw...

Asked on 09/01/2021

2 answer

Cleaning the screens of phones

I don't have a liquid solution specially made to clean the screens of phones. So what's the substitute for that?I can't use only a cloth since my screen has...

Asked on 09/01/2021

5 answer

Simple cheap solution to plug in one pair of headphones into two audio sources (two laptops)

I have a nice comfy pair of over the ear headphones which i would like to plug in to two audio sources (two laptops or one laptop and one phone)....

Asked on 09/01/2021

4 answer

Opening a contact lens bottle

I was unaware of the usual way to open a "contact lens bottle" (although in my case it isn't a contact lens bottle, rather an ear drops bottle), and I...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by user600016

1 answer

How to prevent air conditioner pipe from molding?

My bedroom has a split-type air conditioner. Between conditioner and compressor there is a pipe for refrigerant. Moisture condenses on the pipe for a long time, and it has thick...

Asked on 09/01/2021

1 answer

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