What is the quick remedy when we burn our taste-buds while consuming a hot drink?

Lifehacks Asked by P H on December 4, 2020

Sometimes, without knowing the temperature of the hot coffee or hot water, we burn our taste-buds by sudden take of hot drinks. This causes our taste-buds in the tip of the tongue burn and for the next two days we can’t really enjoy the taste of other food.

Is there a quick remedy for this so that the burn reduces within few hours?
Well, ice pack doesn’t help. Is there anything else?

3 Answers

When your tongue is really burnt, below are the first reach techniques to reduce the burn quickly:

  • Constantly touch with your tongue the surface of bottle of cold water, just taken from a refrigerator. (take care that the bottle surface should be clean and tidy)
  • Lick a piece of butter , so that butter instantly accept the temperature from your tongue by melting itself down. Thus causing less burn.
  • For some, where butter is allergic, good suggestion is ghee or honey wax(if it is edible and reachable in your locality)

Post applying these techniques, please

  • Avoid taking warm or hot drinks and food for a while. This provides tongue enough cooling window to heal the burnt part.
  • Also, try to avoid spicy food as it increases the body temperature and can affect the situation of your tongue.
  • Better suggestion is to have the food which does not ask too much work from your taste buds.

These simple techniques can reduce the discomfort. As tongue heals fast, just keep it cool.

Answered by MANEESH MOHAN on December 4, 2020

I've found that a few minutes rinsing with baking soda and water soothes the tongue.

Answered by JEllis54 on December 4, 2020

I have put regular white granulated sugar on my tongue when I have burned it.

Answered by Julia on December 4, 2020

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