Is h↓ the correct IPA representation of the ingressive "fast gasp", meaning "uh-huh", in French?

Linguistics Asked by Scott Deerwester on October 23, 2021

Spoken French has two ingressive forms of "yes". One is "ouais" [wɛ↓], equivalent to "yep" in English. The other is a "pure" ingressive sound, described sometimes as a "fast gasp", and is equivalent to "Yeah, uh-huh" in English. Would [h↓] be the most correct way to represent this in IPA?

Edit: Corrected symbol order as per comment.

Edit 2: Added external reference to description of "fast gasp".

One Answer

I don't know why you want them to be "ingressive"?
I would describe the second yes as [n̩̊] a voiceless syllabic nasal.
It seems that the IPA does not provide diacritics for that kind of sounds which are pronounced without opening the mouth.
French also has [m̩̊] to mean "looks good (to eat)".

Answered by user23769 on October 23, 2021

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