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Is there a connection between "ivrit" and "livrit" or is there a connection between the word for hebrew language and the word for covenant?

There is little consensus for the etymology of "ivrit." And I can find no discussion as to the potential connection between "ivrit" and "berit", and more closely, "livrit," as found...

Asked on 10/23/2021 by user29231

1 answer

Why does capitalization exist?

For background, I'm a systems developer, not a linguist. There's a tendency to dismiss any grammar rules in my line of work namely because of how "strict" (read: dumb, simple)...

Asked on 03/04/2021 by Dragas

3 answer

Is my textbook wrong about phonetic transcription?

brand new here with (I hope) a simple question. Yesterday I had my first linguistics class and the professor mentioned a difference between phonemic and phonetic transcription. He said for...

Asked on 02/22/2021 by David Moravec

1 answer

Is Sanskrit 100% phonetic?

Even though many languages are still written in Devanagari, they have a problem of schwa deletion. But that problem doesn't exist in Sanskrit. I know that almost...

Asked on 02/10/2021 by Akshat Sharma

2 answer

English speakers inserting R in French words

I teach French to people from various background and first languages, but one thing that most English speakers do (even very proficient ones sometimes) is adding R sounds in words....

Asked on 02/06/2021 by Noemie

1 answer

Is Serbian u from "buva" flea a Proto-Slavic ъ or l from *blъxa?

Is Serbian u from "buva" flea a Proto-Slavic ъ or l from *blъxa?...

Asked on 01/08/2021

1 answer

Are there any theoretical properties of punctuation marks that allow to identify them without understanding the text?

Imaging that you have discovered a stone with written text in an ancient (or alien!) language that doesn't resemble any known language. Is there a way to show that some...

Asked on 01/05/2021 by Misha Monahov

0 answer

Know and Factivity

Consider the following sentence:(1) I don't know that John kissed Mary.When I assert this sentence, am I contradicting myself? The reason is as follows: following Stalnaker's view on the factivity...

Asked on 01/02/2021

1 answer

Are dative governing verbs in IE languages mainly inherited from PIE, or later developed within each IE language?

Some typical dative governing verbs in many IE case-inflecting languages are "help", "give" etc.. Are they mainly inherited from PIE or are they developed within each language? If the latter,...

Asked on 12/07/2020 by wodemingzi

1 answer

Are there any examples of neopronouns for non-binary or third gender people being fully incorporated into a language's grammar?

Many non-binary people now request that new third person pronouns (neopronouns) be used to refer to them, for example xe or ze. These have not been...

Asked on 12/01/2020 by curiousdannii

1 answer

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