save all file in window objects praat

Linguistics Asked by Luis Carlos Speletta on December 21, 2021

I have some files. wav in the object window, how can I save them automatically?

I found this script but I get an error:

directoryName$ = chooseDirectory$: "Choose a directory to save all the new files in"
if directoryName$ <> ""
    for i to numberOfSelectedSounds
       selectObject: sound [i]
       Save as WAV file: directoryName$ + "/sound" + string$ (i) + ".wav"

One Answer

I tried to debug this code, but found a neater version here, that definitely works for wav files: Remember to specify the correct destination path. Or substitute the following lines:

form Please select objects and choose a path
     sentence path /home/jeff/wheremyfilesare


  path$ = chooseDirectory$: "Choose a directory to save all the new files in”

to activate the GUI.

Answered by rebelioustomboy on December 21, 2021

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