Term for conversational actions meant to influence emotional state

Linguistics Asked on November 8, 2021

Is there a term for the set of conversational actions/tools that instead of exchanging direct information, seek to instead affect a certain emotional state?
Examples of such actions would include compliments, taunts, threats, (to express) doubt, etc.
Is there any branch of linguists that studies this aspect of verbal communication?

One Answer

Adding to the previous reply. when the speaker's will will be converted into an output, the impact is emotionional at the end. So Emotion is involved in creating a psychological state. I think psycholinguistics is involved as well in this relation. Impact of meaning (semantics) of words on our emotions where collaboration with other disciplines, like neurosciences, cognitive neurosciences, cognitive psychology, etc.

Answered by Simo Bouzekri Touri on November 8, 2021

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