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What does "at all" mean in "The Vampire of the Village"?

In "The Vampire of the Village" by G. K. Chesterton, Father Brown was talking about an old parson and his son, saying:‘I mean,’ said Father Brown, ‘that...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Ahmed Samir

2 answer

Anne Elliot's speech about constancy in love in "Persuasion"

In chapter 23 of Persuasion by Jane Austen, Anne Elliot and Captain Harville have been discussing whether men or women are more constant in love. Anne says to him:I hope...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Emily Anderson

1 answer

Is there something I'm missing about the numerous songs in "The Fellowship of the Ring"?

I'm currently re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring (Swedish translation from 1971) after 20+ years. I'm 170 pages in. One thing that strikes me, and which I didn't remember at...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Marcon Faiz

1 answer

What is the significance of the magicians in the poem 'In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad'?

In the poem In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad, the poet Sarojini Naidu says:What do you chant, O magicians? Spells for aeons to come.Here aeons likely...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Ayan

3 answer

Why does Morpheus look like Neil Gaiman?

I'm probably revealing my ignorance about The Sandman and comic books here. Why does Morpheus look like the writer who created him, Neil Gaiman? On...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by user111

3 answer

In the "Neverending Story", what judgement do Falkor and Atreyu make of the Childlike Empress?

When I recently read The Neverending Story to my children, they were puzzled by this passage, and I could offer no help:“Falkor,” Atreyu asked, “do you suppose the Childlike Empress...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Chris Sunami supports Monica

4 answer

Does this passage in King Lear develop the theme of compassion or truth?

This is from Act 5 Scene 3 of King Lear:A plague upon you, murderers, traitors all! I might have saved her. Now she’s gone for ever.—...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Eugenejarl

0 answer

Did James Joyce's writing style influence Ernest Hemingway?

I'm doing a comparison paper, and I think there is something in common between Joyce's and Hemingway's short story writing: concise but powerful. Is there any evidence that Hemingway's writing...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Tai Johnny

1 answer

Was there a poem by Aleister Crowley that involved a mechanical girl?

Was there a poem by Aleister Crowley that involved a mechanical girl? I remember finding one with a straight-forward title, like "The Mechanical Girl" or something, when...

Asked on 08/23/2021

2 answer

Edgar Allan Poe's "Alone"

The short poem "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe was written in 1829 or 1830, when he was a young man, but only published in 1875 long after his death. Its...

Asked on 08/23/2021

2 answer

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