Magento - SUPEE-10975 - Failed. Outdated JQuery library v.1.12.0 found (PRODSECBUG-2108), got '200'

Magento Asked by Tim Pearson on December 20, 2020

I got an email this morning from the security scan.

My Magento site running just received the following issue:

SUPEE-10975 – Failed. Outdated JQuery library v.1.12.0 found
(PRODSECBUG-2108), got ‘200’.

Looking at PRODSECBUG-2108 it is only an update of JQuery from 1.12.0 to 1.12.1 to stop it causing PCI scanning failures.

In my /js/lib/jquery folder I have the following:


Do you know if I am ok to delete the older versions without any problems?


4 Answers

It is Ok to delete old versions if there are no references to these old versions in your theme or extensions. You can check it with

$ grep -rl "jquery-1.12.0" app/design/

There should be empty output from the command above. Otherwise, you may need to update all listed files with newer jQuery version, remove old jquery files, clear CSS/Javascript cache at System > Cache Management and purge CDN caches (i.e. Cloudflare or Cloudfront caches).

Answered by Jouriy on December 20, 2020

I was able to resolve the issue by removing all 1.12.0 jquery files in /js/lib/jquery. After doing that I no longer get a failed scan from the Magento security scan or any of the other scanners such as MageReport.

Answered by Bunchomy on December 20, 2020

Please check file page.xml in your theme. There is probably the javascript version of 1.12.0. Change it to 1.12.1. I got this issue and resolving by the above step.


Answered by Moin Malek on December 20, 2020

it is entirely possible that your sites theme or an extension is still using the older versions. Check through the source to ensure this is not the case. Of course you can always just move them and see if the site explodes. Note if you have merged js enabled you will need to clear /media/js also As always.. test on a dev site 1st.

Answered by Andy on December 20, 2020

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