Can Shorinji Kempo's Uwa-Uke Block be performed in a Yin Manner?

Martial Arts Asked on October 22, 2021

When I studied shorinji kempo one of my instructors (now passed away) taught me a ‘yin’ style of performing the Soto-Oshi-Uke Block.

This block for those unaware is against a curved Fri-zuki attack. The beginner way of doing this block is to meet the force at right angles as shown in figure 1. Figure 1

However the more advanced ‘yin’ version of this block involves contacting the incoming blow at a different angle. Figure 2 Figure 2

The result of this small change in angle is that the attacker (Tori) will come to kesushi and sometimes topple. Alternatively they will have to step. This superior blocking method allows a more time for the counter attack so makes your subsequent attack more effective.

My question is: Is there a way in which Uwa-Uke, (the upwards block usually used against downwards or straight attacks) can be performed in this ‘Yin’ style to have the same effect? Will this work on both gyaku-zuki and shito-zuki attacks or only one or the other?
Similarly will it work on both advancing forms of the block (as in Uwa-Uke-Zuki) or only in retreating forms (as in Uwa-Uke-Geri Omotte)?

Edit: I have realised a video might be helpful. This shows the yin block.

And here is the beginner ‘yang’ block

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