Glima and Greco-Roman wrestling cross pollination

Martial Arts Asked on December 4, 2021

Glima is a wresting Scandinavian martial art dating back to Viking times. Greco-Roman wrestling should be well known. Vikings were known to associate with the Roman Empire — see the Varangians.

Is there any cross pollination between Glima and Greco-Roman wrestling?

I am mostly looking for primary sources, although an analysis by a practitioner of both would be most welcome.

One Answer

I just watched a video to see Glima wrestling in action.

Looks like it requires a lot of upper body strength and more time standing than in ground control. Plus, at least one big difference. No pin or tap. Just escape to win. Interesting. I learned something new today.

Here's an article with more information, The Gripping History of Glima, featuring an old web page showing how the internet looked in 2020.

Answered by thatgirlisfunny on December 4, 2021

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