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Is it necessary to practice falling on concrete to help prepare for a real life situation and build up endurance?

I found this video where a black belt shows you how to safely fall on concrete and why you should practice ukemi this way. The main reason...

Asked on 10/22/2021

5 answer

Are "stage combat" swords fine for HEMA training/bouting?

I've trained HEMA for a while (mostly Lichtenauer, some Fiore) and am comfortable with synthetic and steel feders. I'm looking to buy my own steel (blunted of course) and I've...

Asked on 10/22/2021

2 answer

Does spinning around yourself help reduce the dizziness from a punch on the jaw?

Does spinning around yourselfhelp reduce the dizziness from a punch on the jaw, andprevent getting knocked out easily?...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Ahmad Maqsodi

3 answer

Has a trained martial artist ever used their hair to gain advantage or attack opponents?

This may sound silly, but I'm wondering if it's possible to use your hair as a weapon in a self defense situation. Perhaps as a hair-whip? I understand that long...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by kosmos434

1 answer

How do I choose a suitable footwork for me?

I am amateur who basically only uses my fists and I want learn a foot work (note: currently I don't know any footwork) so please recommend a footwork which helps...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Govind Naga

1 answer

Why is judo's Katame-no-Kata so free-form relative to Nage-no-Kata?

The first two kata taught in judo are Nage no Kata (throwing forms) and Katame no Kata (grappling forms). Here is also a ...

Asked on 10/22/2021

1 answer

Why are Judo's Seiryoku Zen'yo Kokumin Taiiku exercises seldomly practiced?

In Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano (the founder of judo), chapter 19 Seiryoku Zen'yo Kokumin Taiiku contains a catalogue of individual striking exercises called Tandoku Renshu and partner exercises called...

Asked on 10/22/2021

0 answer

Which martial arts styles work best with social distancing?

Yesterday, I saw a woman and a young boy sporting their TKD gear, shopping after class. I wondered what their school was doing to meet social distancing guidelines. Wear a...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by thatgirlisfunny

4 answer

How many international judo competitors throw ambidextrously?

I am trying to understand how often playing opponents as one-sided may backfire. If an opponent is right-handed only, you would prioitize preventing the right hand from gripping and not...

Asked on 10/22/2021

1 answer

How likely is it to get killed by a hopping side kick?

Something like 12 years ago I participated in tournaments for fighting. After many years I learned that one can get killed by getting hit in the liver area and so...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Hamidreza Dehanvi

1 answer

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