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Can Shorinji Kempo's Uwa-Uke Block be performed in a Yin Manner?

When I studied shorinji kempo one of my instructors (now passed away) taught me a 'yin' style of performing the Soto-Oshi-Uke Block. This block for those unaware is against a...

Asked on 10/22/2021

0 answer

Maintaining distance in Shorinji Kempo's Tenchiken Dai Ichi Hokai

When performing the Hokai (pair form) Drills of Shorinji Kempo we are often taught that the two kenshi should remain along the same line on which they began. Is this...

Asked on 10/22/2021

0 answer

Placebo in Martial Arts

Martial arts is often linked with self defence and the ability to fight people for good, especially in movies 😜. This made me wonder if there exists some kind of...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by uddhav saikia

5 answer

Who are Tori and Uke?

Many questions about aikido and judo refer to partners as Tori and Uke.The name of a throw where the tori starts from a headlockEtymology and meaning of ukemi...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by mattm

3 answer

Advice: what move will you chain after scissor leg trip?

Assuming you successfully applied scissor leg tip, and now your opponent is on his back, with your legs around him, like on the image: ...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Alaychem goes to Codidact

5 answer

Adjustable dumbells instead of Chi Ishi

I've been trying to practice the Hojo Undo exercises as part of my karate training. I've been following a book (Art of Hojo Undo) for this and have found it...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Noufal Ibrahim

0 answer

Getting back up after getting knocked down: How to recover quickly and get rid of the dizziness?

You see your opponent do something unexpected and weird. You don't quite understand it, but you know something is going to happen. The next thing you know — you are...

Asked on 10/22/2021

1 answer

What do Chinese Kung Fu Instructors Look for in a Good Display?

When I look at a Japanese martial art I can tell the proficiency level of an individual by looking for clean movements that look the same each time they are...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Huw Evans

1 answer

Is it possible to fight while unconscious?

In some anime or manga, characters have powers like berserk or the exceptionally strong will to fight even after he or she fainted. For example, Rock Lee from anime Naruto...

Asked on 10/22/2021 by Dav Us

2 answer

Etiquette for sparring with women - How to find the balance and not do disservice?

How do I find the balance between being a jerk (i.e., one who is hitting too hard) and being someone who is doing a disservice to female sparring partners...

Asked on 12/26/2020 by RoundHouse

5 answer

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