Create a math quiz with LaTex by randomly choosing questions from a bank

Mathematics Educators Asked on January 19, 2021

I am looking for a simple solution to the following problem:

I would like to create a math quiz with n questions via LaTex (printable, in pdf) where question 1 is chosen randomly from question bank #1, question 2 is chosen randomly form question bank #2, etc.

Is there a simple way to do so? Thanks in advance.


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This can be done, although I haven't worked out a model to show how. Latex/Tex is a programming language in the sense that one can declare and initialize variables (newcounter, setcounter), iterate (there are while loops), and use conditionals (ifthenelse). Additionally, one caan call a random number generator (I don't habitually use this, but I think it is rand). Combined with input, include or some similar tool these ingredients are sufficient to write a latex file that generates an exercise sheet with problems drawn randomly from a bank.

Answered by Dan Fox on January 19, 2021

So in theory different students could get different questions? The software I know of that does this is WeBWorK. It will even score student-entered answers for you. See LINK . Supported by the Mathematical Association of America.

Answered by Gerald Edgar on January 19, 2021

As Brandon mentioned in a comment, I'm working to develop an online platform for this use-case, where the banks are generated using SageMath code and PreTeXt XML. Problem sets for linear algebra and differential equations are available to the public at and I'll be working to add better support for new authors in the near future. The community for the CheckIt platform is on the #checkit-app channel of the Mastery Grading Slack.

Answered by StevenClontz on January 19, 2021

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