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Is there a literature database like MathSciNet for Mathematics Education?

Is there a literature database like MathSciNet for mathematics education?...

Asked on 09/06/2021

1 answer

How to deal with a talented 11-year-old pupil?

Imagine a child aged 11. They have just finished primary education and now moving into secondary education. This child has shown a great mathematical talent/disposition since a very young age....

Asked on 09/06/2021 by WelshGandalf

8 answer

Teaching math long distance

I have a 13-year-old nephew that liked learning with me, but I've recently moved 400km away. I wonder if it is possible to still learn with him long distance. The...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by tkowal

3 answer

Why do some students struggle so much with fractions?

I read on multiple web pages something that implies that that some students really struggle with fractions but I could never find a detailed explanation of why. This question is...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by Timothy

4 answer

Are there any proofs of Euler's Formula that do not rely on calculus?

The most common way I have seen Euler's formula$$re^{itheta} = r(costheta+isintheta)$$ introduced in a classroom environment is to substitute $itheta$ into the series expansion of...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by MadScientist

8 answer

How do I show students the Beauty of Mathematics?

I teach many high school students, and all of them complain about being unable to fully understand mathematical concepts. I try to show them the joy of learning and deepen...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by Axel Tong

18 answer

How rigorous should high school calculus be?

In the UK, calculus taught in secondary school focuses mainly on computation of derivatives and integrals and solving simple differential equations. There is a small amount of discussion about limits...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by A. Goodier

6 answer

Future way of learning mathematics (towards graduate level)

Recently, there is an idea sparkling out from my mind due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the past, we typically attend a course, complete homework and assignment, then finish the...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by Nothing

2 answer

Workbooks for advanced high school math topics

I'm looking for advanced workbooks and exercises for working in class (math high school/undergraduate level) covering the following topics (or some of them):Logic and sets (propositional calculus, predicates, relations between...

Asked on 09/06/2021

2 answer

Math Education for Students who use Right-to-Left Written Languages

Does anyone know of any studies or have personal experience dealing with difficulties (if any) faced by students studying mathematics if they come from countries which use languages written from...

Asked on 09/06/2021 by Ari

2 answer

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