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What are the best practices for giving online tests?

Many of us our coming off our first semester of required-online classes; and at some of our institutions we are preparing for what is most likely a required-online semester in...

Asked on 09/06/2021

6 answer

How to get better at proofs

As an undergrad student of applied mathematics, I have something to say that make's me ashamed of myself. I suck at proving things in mathematics and i know that if...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Occhima

6 answer

Logic and proofs in secondary school

Inspired by the question When do college students learn rigorous proofs?, I became curious when pupils in secondary schools learn about proofs, what kinds of proofs they are, how...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Rusty Core

2 answer

Is There Such Thing as Reaching Half a Standard?

I like the Common Core State Standards for Math as they focus on objectives that students need to reach. However, some standards have way too many parts for them. For...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by W. G.

0 answer

How to naturally encounter the properties of identity, commutativity, associativity, and distributivity (to define rings)?

(Cross posted at MSE: In elementary school, I remember learning about the basic algebraic properties of the integers like identities, commutativity, associativity, and distributivity, and not really thinking...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by D.R

4 answer

Reference Request: Suitability of a text and corresponding video lecture series request for "Matroid Theory"

I am an undergraduate student from the CS background. While reading a portion of the text "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen et. al. I came across a section of Matroids....

Asked on 09/05/2021

1 answer

Do you mention the continuity and the differentiability of the empty function

My main question is directly related to the title: "Do you mention that (in its domain) the empty function is everywhere continuous and everywhere discontinuous?" (and a similar question based...

Asked on 09/05/2021

2 answer

Would it make sense for math courses to be pass/fail?

I have a theory that if standardized grading were abolished for a pass/fail system, people would be more mathematically competent. Bear with me here. With graded homework, especially homeworks that...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Lex_i

2 answer

What is "mastery" in a mathematical topic?

This question was prompted by looking at Khan Academy's website to see how a comprehensive lecture series could be done and often I see the word, "mastery". To me, I'd...

Asked on 09/05/2021

2 answer

What are the resources to learn prerequisite knowledge to latter High school and undergrad prep textbooks?

I use textbook study and am planning on studying Spivak's Calculus, Mathematics It's Content, Methods, and Meaning, How to Prove it by Velleman, etc. However, I'm worried I lack the...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Dirac Academy of Self Study

2 answer

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