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What is a good place for teachers to share self-created content?

I am a high school mathematics teacher and I regularly create problems and their solutions for my students. It has always lingered in my mind that this content can also...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Ritesh Singh

1 answer

Good resources on matrix equations

I’m searching for an online resource, preferably free.I refer to equations such as$$A^3 -A+ I=0$$Or even something like:$${A^t}^2+A^2=I$$I know that normal factorization methods...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by razivo

2 answer

How much more skilled in the topic should you be in order to teach the topic?

For sake of argument, consider that skill of a topic is spectrum from "new and learner" to "experienced and expert." Where should you relatively be in order to teach the...

Asked on 09/05/2021

2 answer

How do I learn advanced mathematics without forgetting?

I am pursuing mathematics through distance education and I find that it takes me a long time to understand the concepts (e.g. sigma fields, measure theory, connected topological spaces, etc.)....

Asked on 09/05/2021 by user14243

8 answer

Ramanujan results for middle school?

Pls I wonder what Ramanujan's results could be explained to middle school level audience, ie without using integral etc that is up to university curriculum? For example ...

Asked on 09/05/2021

1 answer

At what age are most children able to convert between rational fractions and decimals?

At what age are most children able/taught to convert between rational fractions and decimals? For exampleConvert 0.25 to a fraction consisting only of whole numbers.What is 3/4 expressed in decimal...

Asked on 09/05/2021

4 answer

How can teachers warn students about common mistakes without causing the student to make the mistake?

For example, if you're teaching integration of $int frac{dx}{1+x^2}$, would you mention the common wrong answer of $lnleft(1+x^2right)+C$? -- For myself, I very rarely mention common mistakes since...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by user13544

7 answer

Create a math quiz with LaTex by randomly choosing questions from a bank

I am looking for a simple solution to the following problem: I would like to create a math quiz with n questions via LaTex (printable, in pdf) where question 1...

Asked on 01/19/2021

3 answer

Research for Video Length for Math Videos

I'm looking for any references that exist for what a good video length for an online math class should be. I am aware of these three papers but these are...

Asked on 01/14/2021 by CAB

1 answer

Statistics, for the mathematically rigorous

I don't know where I can find a rigorous statistics course or textbook. The closest thing I can think of is measure-theoretic probability theory, but I wouldn't really call that...

Asked on 01/13/2021 by John Clever

4 answer

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