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Book request: teaching proving and reasoning at an American university

I am a European postdoc who recently teaching at a large public university in the United States. I will have to teach a course for undergraduate students that introduces them...

Asked on 01/12/2021 by shuhalo

5 answer

Number theory for self-study students: books and computer languages

Sometimes students will contact me, as my email is visible. This time, an undergraduate in Sri Lanka has no number theory courses available and is self-studying. My own experience is...

Asked on 12/27/2020 by Will Jagy

5 answer

What is a good physical example of Stokes' Theorem?

I find it useful to give physical examples of theorems, especially in vector calculus - for example $nabla f$ being the direction of maximum ascent on a surface $f$. What...

Asked on 11/19/2020 by mirams

3 answer

Electronic devices to replace pencil and paper

My question is similar to this one: Except I'm not physically disabled. Pencil and paper have been used for centuries to calculate things. It works, but it is...

Asked on 11/03/2020 by Björn Lindqvist

5 answer

Descriptive Thinking vs. Formal Writing

Sometimes I come across some exam answers which describe a proof sketch or a counterexample very well but are not written formally. Such proofs show that a particular student understands...

Asked on 10/29/2020 by user230

5 answer

What websites allow students to purchase solutions to problems?

I am a college instructor who's just had an outbreak of academic dishonesty connected to students posting take-home exam problems on a platform called Chegg. Chegg collects a membership fee...

Asked on 09/15/2020 by Kevin Arlin

4 answer

Analogies for grad, div, curl, and Laplacian?

I want to try making some calculation-less questions about vector calculus identities that are solely based upon picture diagrams of vector fields, or fields that could be sketched out by...

Asked on 07/27/2020 by Robbie_P_math

1 answer

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