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Mathematics Educators Asked by CAB on January 14, 2021

I’m looking for any references that exist for what a good video length for an online math class should be.

I am aware of these three papers but these are basically only for MOOCs – I’m looking for something in a mathematics class that’s required – Ideally measuring long term learning but at this point anything is welcomed.

EDIT: I’m looking at the university [undergrad particularly] level. Yes I agree that static videos usually aren’t best for learning (but say for algorithm demonstration; I find a video to be vastly more effective and efficient than a long prose describing the algorithm as both a learner and as an educator).

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This data from Wistia supports several of the comments:


This chart is not specialized to mathematics. Likely the attention-span constraints are pretty much universal, independent of content (but not independent of interactivity).

Answered by Joseph O'Rourke on January 14, 2021

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