integer programming with indicators

Mathematics Asked on November 18, 2020

I have the following question, and I need to write it as an integer programming problem:

A manager of a company wants to give presents to his 1000 employers. He can buy the presents from two different suppliers:

  1. Every present costs 110$. For any present above 500, the manager would have to pay 5$ extra for insurance (for example, for 502 presents, there will be 10$ extra for insurance).
  2. Every present costs 120$. For any present above 300, there is a discount of 30% (each present above 300 costs 84$).

I need to find how many presents he should buy from each supplier, in order to spend the minimal amount of money.

I defined:

$x_1, x_2$ – The number of presents to buy from each supplier.

$z_1$ – Indicator which represents whether or not $x_1 ge501$

$z_2$ – Indicator which represents whether or not $x_2 ge301$

I know how to represents the indicators using linear functions, but I don’t know how to find a linear objective function.

My best suggestion is:

$$ 110x_1+5z_1(x_1-500)+120x_2-36z_2(x_2-300) $$

However, this is not a linear function, because I multiply the decision variables.

How can I turn it into a linear function?

One Answer

Introduce nonnegative integer decision variables $y_1$ and $y_2$ to represent "extra" presents. The problem is to minimize $$110x_1+5y_1+120x_2-36y_2$$ subject to begin{align} x_1 &le 500 + y_1 tag1 \ y_2 &le (1000-300) z_2 tag2 \ x_2 &ge 300 z_2 tag3 end{align} Constraint $(1)$ and the objective enforce $y_1 = max{x_1-500, 0}$. You don't need $z_1$. Constraint $(2)$ enforces $y_2 > 0 implies z_2 = 1$. Constraint $(3)$ enforces $z_2 = 1 implies x_2 ge 300$.

Answered by RobPratt on November 18, 2020

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