Miscellaneous Problem Chapter I ex.22 on G.H.Hardy's book "A course of pure mathematics"

Mathematics Asked by SAUL ROJAS on October 14, 2020

If all the values of x and y given by
ax^{2}+2hxy+by^{2}=1, a’x^{2}+2h’xy+b’y^2=1

(where $a, h, b, a’, h’, b’$ are rational) are rational, then
(h-h’)^2 – (a-a’)(b-b’), (ab’-a’b)^2+4(ah’-a’h)(bh’-b’h)

are both squares of rational numbers. (Math. Trip. 1899)

Note: the first case is trivial, the second is more difficult, ill be granted if someone could tell me from where Hardy and collaborators get this miscellaneous problems, to be specific the problems with the reference (Math. Trip. yyyy).

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