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Mathematics Asked by gi2302 on October 9, 2020

I want to know if what I did is correct.

The problem is:

"A mixture A has a 2% hydrogen solution and a mixture B has a 1.5% of this same solution. How much Mix B must be added to 6 ounces of Mix A in order to get a value of 0.51?"


Therefore, 26 ounces of mixture B must be added to obtain 0.51 of hydrogen.

One Answer

Yes, that is correct.

Alternatively, we can approach the problem like this. First factor out a $0.005$:

$$0.005(4 cdot 6 + 3B) = 0.51$$ $$0.005cdot 3(4 cdot 2 + B) = 0.51$$ $$frac{0.005cdot3(8 + B)}{0.005cdot3} = frac{0.51}{0.005 cdot 34}$$ $$8 +B = 34$$ $$B = 26$$

which is the same process, but using the integers, which makes it much easier.

Correct answer by Toby Mak on October 9, 2020

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