On $sum_{k=1}^nk^3 = x^3 + y^3$ with $x,y ge 1$

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It is well-known that there are parametric families of solutions for cubes that are sums of consecutive cubes: Famous and simplest one is $6^3 = 3^3 + 4^3 + 5^3$ which Euler noted.

I have also curiosity about solutions to $sum_{k=1}^nk^3 = x^3 + y^3$ with $x,y ge 1$, although it seems that there is no any reference on it. Largest solution that I found as below. $$sum_{k=1}^{524^{3}}k^3 = 107131073934081017703266616960000 = 32201140654^3 + 41934379346^3$$

In particular, I am not sure about that there are additional probably interesting values of $n$ such as $7^{2}$, $61^{3}$, $293^{3}$, $440^{3}$ and $524^{3}$.

Question. Can be infinitely many solutions to diophantine equation $sum_{k=1}^nk^3 = x^3 + y^3$ with $x,y ge 1$ ?

Any comment is welcome in order to suggest helpful ideas on question. Also any additional term is very welcome.


MathOverflow Asked by Alkan on January 26, 2021

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