Molden installation on macOS?

Matter Modeling Asked by Dmitry Eremin on August 19, 2021

Today I tried to get an access to Molden to install it and use for processing the results of my calculations. Unfortunately the ftp seems to be down or is it only my personal connection issues?

My additional question is foreseeing: Does molden work on the latest macOS Catalina (v. 10.15)?

One Answer

I believe that these instructions from this YouTube video "How to install Molden on Mac (OS X High Sierra)" work well

For some reason the "ftp" button on Molden's website is broken however, the curl command works easily

Here is a complete set of instructions from that video:

  1. Install Homebrew:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  1. Install Cask: brew install cask
  2. Install XQuartz: brew cask install xquartz
  3. Install complier: brew install gcc
  4. Change working directory to desktop: cd desktop
  5. Download Molden source code: curl -o molden5.7.tar.gz
  6. Unpack downloaded file manually or use command: tar -xzf molden5.7.tar.gz
  7. Change working directory to molden5.7: cd molden5.7
  8. Compile Molden: make all
  9. Remove original files (optional): rm -r */*.o */*.c */*.f */*.h */*.bak
  10. Start Molden: ./molden

  11. (Optional) cop molden executable to ~/bin and make sure ~/bin is in $PATH

Obviously skip installing Homebrew, Cask, XQuartz, gcc, if you don't need them!

Correct answer by Cody Aldaz on August 19, 2021

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