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What happens when you put O+ blood in O- body

What happens when you put O+ blood in a O- body? I know O- can be put in everywhere but what happens, when you put a blood group in a...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by Frezzley

1 answer

How does refeeding syndrome cause pitting edema?

In the answer to "How do you feed a starving person in a way that won't kill them?", it is mentioned that refeeding syndrome can cause peripheral edema. How...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by D.Tan

1 answer

What are the common causes of excess protein (1 g) in the urine for kidney donors?

I am looking for common causes in diet or lifestyle or other conditions such as hypertension, rather than malfunction in the active (single) kidney. Apart from medical management, what...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by Whirl Mind

0 answer

How hazardous is a cellular base station-antenna to our health?

A telephone company is installing a cell tower (cellular base station-antenna) 40 meters from my house (right in front of my house). The first thing I am concerning about is...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by DotNet Developer

0 answer

Can the use of hydrogen peroxide in dentistry worsen the oxidative stress in patches of facial vitiligo vulgaris?

According to this study 1, hydrogen peroxide is not absorbed by the skin, but can cause systemic toxicity when inhaled or ingested. I am not entirely sure how often hydrogen...

Asked on 08/29/2021

1 answer

Why transfused blood has lower 2,3 - BPG levels

I read the following quote in the textbook Kaplan Biochemistry (2018 edition, page 183):Transfused blood has lower than expected 2,3 BPG levels, making it less efficient at delivering oxygen to...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by Physicsapproval

1 answer

Is stem cells treatment an effective cure for nerve damage from peripheral neuropathy in DM?

Is stem cells treatment an effective cure for nerve damage from peripheral neuropathy in DM?Googling returns plenty of hits. Top results are businesses offering stem cells treatment for almost any...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by user3125486

1 answer

Fact check: Was remdesivir treatment associated with a 62% reduction in mortality rate?

On July 10, 2020, Gilead announcedremdesivir treatment was associated with significantly improved clinicalrecovery and a 62 percent reduction in the risk of mortality compared tostandard...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by unutbu

0 answer

Why does there seem to be such a big difference in case mortality between the USA and Europe?

At the time of writing (11 July 2020) the USA have almost 3.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, while Europe has slightly over 1.8 million with...

Asked on 08/29/2021 by hkBst

0 answer

How long does coronavirus stay alive on home floors?

I'm not saying that the floor is wet. But I feel even when our shoes or dry, it can carry virus with it and may get attached to floors. If...

Asked on 08/29/2021

1 answer

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