high pitched car whine

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Asked by nachos on December 18, 2020

can’t figure out what this noise is. took it to the mechanic twice and they couldn’t hear anything. there’s a high pitched noise coming from the car that you can clearly hear in the video. any idea what this is?

about car: 2014 honda civic CVT with 25,000

last time i took the car to the mechanic they said the idler pulley, belt and tensioner looked OK. not sure what that means.

One Answer

Take a meter-long piece of heater hose or garden hose, and hold one end against your ear. Use the other end like a stethoscope and carefully place it near various pulleys, belts, air intakes and exhaust.
Be careful near the fan and hot exhaust. You can put a small funnel into the hose end toward the engine if you like. When you find the location, get advice or edit question if needed..

Answered by John Canon on December 18, 2020

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