Running engine without ignition condenser/capacitor

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Asked by BradDaBug on November 10, 2020

tl;dr: Is the capacitor inside a 97 Corolla’s distributor important?

A few months ago my 97 Corolla wouldn’t start. After some investigating we found what looked to me like a bad capacitor (plastic gunk was oozing out). We removed it and the car started running fine.

Finding a replacement part has been tough. So my questions:

1) Is that capacitor thing the “condenser?” Am I searching for the right thing?

2) Is it important? Depending on what I read its purpose is either to make the radio sound better or to improve spark timing. The radio works fine, so if that’s all it’s for then I won’t bother with replacing it. But spark timing seems important…

Edit: Here is a pic of the capacitor.Pic of capacitor

One Answer

Be wise , car manufacturer, don't through components for nothing, this cap. Has an important role in protecting electronic switching devices.

Answered by Mazen Y. Salman on November 10, 2020

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