Did Andy know all along?

Movies & TV Asked by Sayan on January 31, 2021

In the Netflix movie – The Old Guard, there’s a scene between Andy and Nile in the cargo plane when they were escaping from Afghanistan. Nile asks Andy how many more of them are there in her army. To which Andy replies "four".

Now here’s the thing – apart from Andy there are only Nic, Joe and Booker in the team. So who is the fourth person here? Was this just a mistake made by the production while writing the dialogs or was Andy actually privy to the fact that

One Answer

There are four in total, including Andy.

This becomes clear by the rest of the dialog.

  • You said there were others. How many?
  • Four.
  • You're an army of four?

When Nile asks how many, despite being ambiguous, she means "how many in total", and Andy responds correctly, they are four, and Nile will be the fifth.

In other words, no, Andy did not know.

Answered by BlueMoon93 on January 31, 2021

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