How come no one realizes that the Narrator in Bly Manor was talking about them?

Movies & TV Asked by Sandun on February 19, 2021

The Netflix series Haunting of Bly Manor is shown as a story that’s recalled by an old lady, named as The Narrator, to a set of guests of a Wedding Rehearsal.At the beginning of her story, The Narrator says the story is not related to her at all.

So, she is definitely lying when she says the story isn’t related to her at all. Let’s say she does it to keep the secrecy of her identity. But there’s a bigger issue. After the story is finished, and the guests have left for their rooms (the story is told at night),

Forward to the scene where the guests are dancing, it’s shown

The reason that Flora and Miles might not remember the haunting happened in Bly Manor, can be justified by the statements of Owen in the final episode

They don’t remember anything about it

But I mentioned Hannah, and Flora asked me who I was talking about

Therefore we can excuse Flora and Miles for not remembering anything about the haunting things that happened in Bly Manor. Still, they are said to remember Bly Manor as the place they grew up, so it’s amusing that none of them suddenly realized the story strongly resembles to their lives. However there’s no excuse for Owen and Henry Wingrave, who apparently didn’t forget what happened in Bly Manor. It’s surprising none of them suddenly go

So why, none of them is shown to realize The Narrator is telling a story about them?

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Midway through the final episode, Owen (the chef) says that the children have completely forgotten about the events. They don't remember Jamie, or Hannah. They don't even remember much about Bly, just "A place we stayed one Summer." Owen also says that, although Henry (the uncle) hasn't forgotten about the events, he rarely talks about them.

Flora and Miles, then, wouldn't recognize any of the story. It's possible (likely) that Henry has also forgotten about it. The older Owen clearly recognizes Jamie, but he chooses not to reveal that the story is a true one. In the scene where he says the children have forgotten the events at Bly, he also says he won't tell them about it. He thinks it's better that they forget such traumatic experiences.

Answered by Bagheera on February 19, 2021

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