Was Waldo a reference to any true story?

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My question is about Black Mirror Episode 3 from season 2, titled The Waldo Moment. Was the story of this episode in any way based on some true story? Were there ever any artificial characters that became a politician, or was it all meant to be just a reference to celebrities going into politics, like for example Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming Governor of California?

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The initial inspiration was a British band called Gorillaz.

According to this interview with the show's creator Charlie Brooker, the Waldo character was initially based on a virtual band called Gorillaz. The band exists only as a cartoon, though real musicians are behind the music. Brooker states that he had an idea of some character like that actually running for office. He was fascinated by the idea that such a politician, not being a real person, would be scandal-proof. He also states that the character was inspired by British politician Boris Johnson because like Johnson, Waldo doesn't act like a politician by trying to be inoffensive and dignified all the time. Another source of inspiration was a comedian who was elected as the mayor of Reykjavik.

Answered by ruffdove on December 17, 2021

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