Were any of the The Matrix movies released with extended editions?

Movies & TV Asked on December 31, 2021

So far I’ve looked at the Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-Ray, which to me seems like the most complete and recent version out there, but the product description makes no mention of extra scenes.

IMDB’s Alternative Versions entry doesn’t mention anything significant, although I’ve noticed that it doesn’t always seem to be complete, and I’ve heard it mentioned in several places that at least The Matrix Reloaded had an additional hour of footage.

I’ve also noticed that on certain special features, some cast are credited as being only in the extended version, although it only mentions that it has a total running time of 176 minutes.

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There definitely are alternate versions. Right now, I'm watching Australian YouTubers 'Nics&Nacs' react to The Matrix and I'm watching a bathroom fight scene where Morpheus knocks Smith's sunglasses off with a headbutt, provoking Smith to return several hard headbutts. This is an extended scene. I've watched the theatrical version in Europe on VHS and on the Ultimate Collection DVD multiple times. This scene was not in them. In the original European theatrical version, it just cuts from Smith on the ground wearing his sunglasses, to him rising upright with his glasses magically vanished. I always thought it was a continuation error. I had no idea until now that a scene existed that show Morpheus knocking his glasses off.

Answered by Ruaidhri L S Ryan on December 31, 2021

I have the Ultimate Matrix Collection, and I can confirm that extended versions don't exist for any of The Matrix movies.

The collection comes with several DVDs, one of which in The Burly Man Chronicles, which contains many extras and interviews with people who aren't in the movie (such as critics, scholars, etc).

The link you provided is simply a forum and fan speculation about the Ultimate Matrix Collection.

Answered by user67799 on December 31, 2021

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