What evidences Chief Inspector Kido's newfangled preference for American, over his native Japanese, cuisine?

Movies & TV Asked on October 23, 2021

I copied and pasted YouTube’s transcript at 1:48 of Joel de la Fuente being interviewed by ComicsVerse’s Jordan Parrish at New York Comic Con on Oct 5 2018 about his role of Chief Inspector Kido in The Man in the High Castle:

I think of Kido as sort of
the accidental immigrant in a way.
He’s been in America for 17 years,
he says all of these things about his opinions
about America and about westerners
and the superiority of the Empire in Japan,
but he’s that person who’s becoming
the unexpected immigrant.
Suddenly his wife says you speak Japanese with an accent
and all of a sudden he doesn’t like the food at home
as much as he likes the food in America.

But what proves this statement about Kido’s food preferences having changed? Is there any evidence for this in the show?

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