Why does Quinn look like he lost 10-20 lbs between season 4 and 5?

Movies & TV Asked by Wayne Werner on December 5, 2020

In Season 4, Quinn is thin, but looks pretty healthy:

Quinn in Season 4

In Season 5, Quinn starts to look a bit more like Skeletor – his cheeks are sunken, and in general he looks like he lost about 20-30 lbs that he didn’t need to.

enter image description here

Is there any in or out of show explanation for the change in appearance?

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Desmond Harrington explains:

Dexter co-star Desmond Harrington -finally- comes clean about his weigh loss: "I didn't have any plastic surgery, I'm not sick it's called running and eating better! You understand? I'm in my 30s now. All these ridiculous stuff that I read "He's sick, he's on drugs", get a life! I just changed how I ate and begin to run!"

Listen to the whole -hilarious- Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast.

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