Why would Lance work here if he didn't need the money?

Movies & TV Asked on November 13, 2021

In Detectorists, Lance’s day job is at some sort of vegetable warehouse facility. The work seems to be poorly paid, menial, and Lance is not especially respected by his colleagues.

However, it is revealed in Series 1 Episode #5 that:

So if Lance doesn’t really need the money, why continue to work at the warehouse facility?

One Answer

He won £300,000, which isn't that large a sum. Assuming he'd need £1000 per month to merely "survive" (rent + food etc.), that money would run out in 25 years or so. And that isn't counting the fact that money is worth less over time, plus that he could encounter a costly accident.

Answered by BCdotWEB on November 13, 2021

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