Was Freddie Mercury's voice range over 4 octaves?

I was going through some articles which listed Freddie’s voice under the Over 4 octaves list.

But, haven’t found an expert-backed opinion on the same.

So, is Freddie’s range really over 4 octaves?

Music Fans Asked on November 30, 2021

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Apparently it's not:

the late singer's inimitable voice was the subject of a study by a team of Austrian, Czech and Swedish authors who set out to analyze Mercury's voice from archived recordings to figure out exactly what made it so memorable.

What did they discover? Well, first of all, they cast doubt on a commonly-recited fact: that Mercury had a four-octave singing voice. "This could not be substantiated by the study," the abstract reads, with Austrian voice scientist Christian Herbst declaring that Mercury's voice range was "normal for a healthy adult – not more not less." The late singer was "probably a baritone who sang as a tenor," meaning his beautiful upper register and fluttering falsetto were the result of exceptional control over what singers call their "head" and "chest" voices and his ability to blend them.

Answered by BCdotWEB on November 30, 2021

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