How to send audio from Yamaha MG16XU to Scarlett 2i2?

Music: Practice & Theory Asked by mszortul on September 20, 2020

I am currently working for a radio station. And we’re planning to live stream a program on youtube. Webcam mic is too noisy so I want to use the radio stream sound as youtube stream audio. But I don’t know how to connect.

I partially read the docs of both machines and found this question asked:

Connecting audio interface to mixer

But I am pretty new to this stuff and there is a lot of things I don’t understand. Uploaded the pics below, can you show me how to connect these two?
Note: Can’t pull any cables from the mixer.




Thanks in advance!

One Answer

hmm, no answer.

Should be pretty straightforward, I guess. Best solution would be to simply connect usb of the yamaha to the computer.

To send from the mixer to the 2i2 the straightforward option would be to connect Group out 1 to 2i2#1 and Group out 2 to 2i2#2 you can use TRS cables since the yamaha seems to have balanced output and the 2i2 has balanced inputs, I guess. The switches on front of the 2i2 should be set to line instead of instrument of course. Do not use TRS to XLR cable since XLR on the 2i2 is only for mic and messing with the phantom power could very well shredder one of your devices.

Then simply route the channels you want to send to the 2i2 to group 1+2 by pressing the appropriate button on those channels and thats it.

Answered by DrSvanHay on September 20, 2020

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