Multiple administrator connecting to a router - who has precedence? Can they monitor each other's logs?

Network Engineering Asked by nicotinefull on December 12, 2020

Just getting started in Networking. Came across multiple administrators connecting over Telnet.

Does someone who connected first have precedence over everyone else?
Does a admin connected to VTY line 1 see the logs of VTY 5 if V5 change something V1 configured?

If someone could point to a resource video/article that goes over this topic I’d appreciate. I couldn’t find anything useful when googling "multiple administrator connecting to a cisco router" – also I was quickly overwhelmed.


One Answer

Each VTY session has the same priority/precedence. So yes, every session can see logs, make changes, etc.

For example, if you have the terminal monitor feature enabled, you will see real time logs of any status change made, regardless of which VTY session made it.

Answered by Ron Trunk on December 12, 2020

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