Is there cleaner alternative of the original JAXA ALOS AW3D30 digital surface model (DSM) data?

Open Data Asked by jurajb on September 30, 2021

The team from JAXA made a great job on DSM derived from ALOS-2. However, I find issues on data, e.g.:

  • satellite stripes footprints, elevation drops by 1 to 5 metres
    satellite paths footprints in JAXA ALOS DSM AW3D30 data, accessed 2020-06
  • rare, but obvious noise in data
    rare noise in JAXA ALOS DSM AW3D30 data, accessed 2020-06

Is there any version with cleaned/postprocessed global dataset, which deals with imperfections of AW3D30 data? (e.g. SRTM data were upgraded multiple times by various communities).

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