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What does some reports have the same safetyreportid?

I thought that safetyreportid is the unique identity of a report, but I found that some safetyreportid like "5390497-5" has two or three reports in openFDA when I search by...

Asked on 09/30/2021

1 answer

Is there such a thing as a non-trash open (free) API or "regular data dump"?

I'm desperate to find something to make me money. For this reason, I've recently gone through huge lists of APIs available, and it seems as if 100% of the ones...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by P. Skalecki

0 answer

Food Ingredient API/Database

For a project I need a data source, where I can find informations about ingredients like lactic acid or E 901. The needed information is if the searched ingredient can...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by pguetschow

1 answer

Searching downloadable ADS-B database

I'm looking for a downloadable ADS-B historical database preferably with a free option, like the one that OpenSky-Network offers. To my knowledge, unfortunately, the OpenSky-Network database doesn't...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Yazfan

1 answer

Longitude and Latitude coverage for the city of Porto

I would like to have an idea of precise coverage (extend) for the latitude/longitude of the city of Porto, Portugal. This is in connection with my research that I need...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by arilwan

1 answer

What does the searchable field safetyreportid mean in openFDA drug adverse event api

In the openFDA website(, it said safetyreportid is "The 8-digit Safety Report ID number, also known as the case report number or case ID. The first 7...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by kk133

1 answer

Datasets with chronological variables for specific countries

I am doing some time-series forecasts. The datasets that I am working on have the attributes year, month, day and hour, however, in order to deal with seasonality and holiday...

Asked on 09/30/2021

1 answer

Complete dataset of NYC building units

I am looking for a dataset that shows the number of units in each NYC building. The most complete dataset on NYC buildings that I've come across so far is...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by octothorpe_not_hashtag

0 answer

Sky segmentation data set or model for deep learning

ContextI am searching an open data set and/or a model "ready" (or close to be ready) to segment the sky out of outdoor images, e.g.: Input: ...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by s.k

1 answer

Social class and text dataset

I am looking for a dataset of text (tweets, post, etc...) labeled with the social class or occupation of the person. Any ideas are welcome....

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Sy Ker

0 answer

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