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Are there any free datasets on Japanese company names available?

Are there any datasets that contains Japanese Company names? For example, ASICS Corporation's Japanese company name is "アシックス". If the datasets contains other information about the company it is fine,...

Asked on 09/30/2021

1 answer

historical annual average temperature by country (with data after 2016)

has anyone come across a data set of all countries with historical average annual temperatures? The World Bank provided exactly this (see here), but has not updated...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Felix Laumann

1 answer

please can someone help me with (or where) i can find dataset about Student e-learning habit before and during Covid-19?

I'm looking for detailed data about Student e-learning habit before and during Covid-19...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Brahim Haddou

0 answer

Does OpenFDA have duplicate reports?

In an answer of this specific question on stack exchange:What does some reports have the same safetyreportid?It is stated that openfda has duplicates:'Duplicate and incomplete reports...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Lediona

1 answer

Get product recall information from Open FDA based on the DI or UDI of a product in GUDID

Can UDI or DI codes on product packaging of Medical Devices be used to check for a recall status? Search results from GUDID for product information data, and Open FDA...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by UDI Researcher

0 answer

Is it possible to download worldometer COVID-19 country data?

I want to download the raw data for COVID-19 cases in Sweden but can't find anywhere on worldometer to do it. Does anyone know...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by SeanJ

1 answer

Is there cleaner alternative of the original JAXA ALOS AW3D30 digital surface model (DSM) data?

The team from JAXA made a great job on DSM derived from ALOS-2. However, I find issues on data, e.g.:satellite stripes footprints, elevation drops by 1 to...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by jurajb

0 answer

Why does exist?

I've just started exploring the world of open data and towards that aim I've been looking the data sets on and What I'm struggling to understand is the...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by mihiriyer

0 answer

Image Dataset for basic human actions

I need to find an image dataset of human actions including sitting, walking, falling, and standing. Although I searched, I could only find video datasets. If anyone could share an...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Bardia

2 answer

Where to find Medical data Survival analysis?

I have difficulty finding an open-access medical data set with time to an event variable to conduct survival analysis. Where can I find a multivariate data set, preferably with a...

Asked on 09/30/2021

1 answer

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