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Dataset of language families, sub-families and their relations other than Wikidata

I am interested in language families such as Indoeuropean, Romance languages, Afroasiatic and so on, not individual families (although if the dataset includes languages it doesn't hurt). Wikidata and Wikipedia...

Asked on 09/29/2021 by alotropico

1 answer

Public dataset of cardiac stress test

I'm looking for a public dataset of data gathered from a cardiac stress test (AKA a cardiac diagnostic test, cardiopulmonary exercise test, or CPX test). Does anyone heard of such...

Asked on 09/29/2021 by Tal Kozlovski

0 answer

German nouns gender source

I want to create some sort of spell checking program for German language, for which i need a database with all the words and their gender description(only their gender description)...

Asked on 09/29/2021 by E.K

2 answer

List of weigh stations in the US and their locations?

I'm wondering whether there is any open data out there that comprehensively lists weigh stations in the US and their latitude/longitude. Other vehicle inspection facilities would be interesting....

Asked on 09/29/2021

1 answer

Datasets of labor union metadata and membership in the United States

I'm looking broadly for datasets that offer insight into labor union membership, participation and behavior in the U.S. So far there's some good stuff in the Office...

Asked on 09/29/2021 by UpQuark

2 answer

Database for Old Photo Restoration

Old Photo Restoration via Deep Latent Space Translation ( I am part of a graduated semester project. Do you know if we can find a photo database...

Asked on 03/02/2021

2 answer

Database with list of generic ingredients and their nutrients?

I need a dataset with generic ingredients and their nutrition. I am familiar with USDA and other similar ingredients datasets but they are all polluted with a lot of brands...

Asked on 01/31/2021 by BenTen

0 answer

How are Wikipedia subcategories meant, semantically?

Let's have a look at the category Theresa May is not in it. So let's see:Theresa May is in Category:20th-century_British_women_politicianswhich is in ...

Asked on 01/01/2021 by cheesus

0 answer

Trajectories in network data set

I am looking for data sets that consist of trajectories mapped to a network. Instead of GPS location, each point should be a vertex in the network and a time...

Asked on 12/20/2020 by BotNzd

0 answer

Data on Consumer Price Index (inflation rate) by state (USA)

I'm looking for a dataset that would contain historical CPI/inflation for each state of the US.It seems that should have this data, but it's either...

Asked on 12/02/2020 by folderj

0 answer

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