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Why won't my dog eat on her own?

My dog will go days without eating unless someone sits with her and hand feeds her dog food. At first, I thought it was because we were feeding her some...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by Kevin Kunderman

4 answer

My dog tries to eat my chickens and fights with my cat

I have a 5 months old, female German Shepherd that tries to eat or play very hard with my chickens. I have this dog for a week and he is...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by Roby Sottini

2 answer

How can I train my dog to sleep quietly in a crate when he misses his dog friend?

Two weeks ago, we got my wife's dog in house after it lived with another dog and slept in a crate with that dog for 9 years. Obviously we didn't...

Asked on 10/03/2021

3 answer

Taking a new puppy out

I really need some advice please. I am picking up a French bull dog puppy a few days before Christmas. The day after I pick her up, I have to...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by Yolly

2 answer

Can dogs be affected by the lack of routine/being kept up at night?

I live with a live-in landlady. I was away at home during the pandemic and on my return I discovered that not only had she been furloughed (so no need...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by chessu

1 answer

My dog is very allergic to something and is starting to become scared of me

I have a 9 year old pit bull that I have had since he was a puppy. He has very bad allergies to something. And I mean very bad....

Asked on 09/30/2021 by user3355098

4 answer

Is this a safe size for a dwarf hamster cage?

My new dwarf hamster Basil was gifted to me the other day, and she already is constantly chewing on the plastic tubing in her cage. I'd prefer (safety and aesthetically)...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Lynn bailey

1 answer

My dog kicks excessively whenever he is scratched at any point on his body. Can it be a sign of allergy?

It seems like my dog has this sweet spot at every part of his body. And I feel like it's too excessive and irritating for him. Even while walking, when...

Asked on 09/30/2021 by Pulkit Gupta

1 answer

Why does my cat paw at my sheets?

Occasionally my cat will go from cuddling with me on my bed, to pawing at the sheets, like he is digging. At first it seemed to correlate with him discovering...

Asked on 09/28/2021 by JeiLooseArrow

6 answer

What are emotional support animals?

I have read the term "emotional support animal" several times now. I have some imagination about them, but no real information. Because of that my question is: What are emotional...

Asked on 09/28/2021

1 answer

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