Relation between displacement current, dielectric and time varying Electric field

Physics Asked by sizzling_. on September 30, 2020

I know that displacement current is produced in dielectric material due to dipole moment.
I also know that displacement current is produced by time varying electric field (according to maxwell equation)
so now why is this displacement current not produced in dielectric material with steady Electric field?

And also if the medium is free space is there any affect of time varying fields?

I am not sure if my question is correct. Please someone explain me the concept clearly , where I am missing?

One Answer

A displacement field is produced by the polarization of a dielectric. A displacement current is produced by a time-varying electric field.

The two concepts are completely different. A displacement field does not cause displacement current, and a displacement current is not affected by displacement field.

There is no displacement current in a dielectric with a steady electric field because a displacement current is produced by a time-varying electric field, not a steady one. There is a displacement current in free space produced by a time-varying electric field because if there's a time-varying electric field, then there's a displacement current.

Although the two concepts are completely different, they do both have "displacement" in their name, which as CuriousOne mentioned is quite confusing. Furthermore, a displacement current isn't an actual current, with charges moving around and all that; it just has an associated magnetic field as if it were a real current. Hopefully that clears things up.

Answered by eyqs on September 30, 2020

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