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What have been the dates on which the state of alarm in Spain for Covid-19 has been extended?

The pandemic began in March 2020 and I know that the state of alarm has been extended 6 times. I would like to know the dates on which the government...

Asked on 12/08/2020 by sonlas10

1 answer

In which congressional districts were there more votes for the Democratic candidate in 2018 than in 2016?

I was thinking about the turnout of the 2018 House elections and it looked like that was a presidential election level Democratic turnout from the standpoint of House of Representatives....

Asked on 11/01/2020 by Number File

1 answer

What is Blue and White's policy on the Arab rights in the (future) West Bank?

I'm interested in the Israeli party Blue and White's positions on thePalestinian freedom of movementPalestian freedom to vote to Knessetstate subventions to Israeli settlementsDo these positions...

Asked on 10/25/2020 by Probably

1 answer

Why has India suddenly decided to change its non-aligned posture?

Historically India had been a non-aligned country. It had been convenient for India. For instance, India managed to purchase weapons from major weapons suppliers while distancing itself from American or...

Asked on 10/01/2020 by user366312

2 answer

How do progressive US political thinkers explain anti-black police discrimination in cities where the population and government are majority black?

There is a common narrative among progressive political and racial thinkers in the United States that all or almost all police departments are systematically racist in a way that does...

Asked on 09/28/2020 by lazarusL

7 answer

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