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Is any part of Germany not part of any German State (Land)

In the United States of America, Washington DC is not part of any state.In Australia, there are three mainland territories which are not part of any state (although apparently...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Neil Tarrant

1 answer

In the US presidential election, how would the ballots look like if there were 10,000 candidates?

I have the impression that any John Doe or Jane Doe can run for president in the US, provided they are natural-born citizens, at least 35 years old and residents...

Asked on 10/02/2021

1 answer

What happens if not all the votes are counted by the Electoral College's meeting?

I am curious about the pandemic and voting. I want to know about what if there are multiple states are unable to certify their election results in time. Would this...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by user33244

1 answer

Are food stamps being destroyed by inflation?

Is the real purchasing power of EBT (and other welfare) being rapidly destroyed by high food inflation?...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by user33186

2 answer

Is the "Defund the police"-argument anti-police or not?

I am doing some research into the Defund the police-movement, and am finding increasingly contradictory information, and so my basic question is, is the movement anti-police or not? On one...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Mash

1 answer

Has China indicated how one can disapprove but not interfere?

China threatens retaliation against America after branding Trump's move to end Hong Kong's special status with the US a 'gross interference' in its domestic affairs Not so...

Asked on 10/02/2021

1 answer

We will never surrender! Why would a country have this policy?

Background A few months ago the Swedish government sent a small booklet to all Swedish households titled "If crisis or war comes" which contains official information on how...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Diasiare

11 answer

Why is it a bad idea to hire a hitman to eliminate most corrupt politicians?

According to an article I read recently (I could not find it though), the easiest way to take down a big authority is by cutting the head - meaning the...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by Angel Venchev

15 answer

Why do right-wing parties generally oppose the legalization of marijuana?

In a general sense, it seems that proponents of marijuana legalization tend to come from left-wing political parties, or at least, from the left-leaning factions within right-wing parties. I am...

Asked on 10/02/2021

11 answer

Does the motto “Don’t tread on me” have a specific political color?

According to the following extract, the expression has in recent decades been associated with conservative groups:Don’t tread on me: Originating as a motto on an iconic Revolutionary...

Asked on 10/02/2021 by user 66974

3 answer

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