Guess the hat colors - Riddle 2

Puzzling Asked on April 11, 2021

After the previous riddle I asked was resolved so quickly, I propose you another self-created hat-guessing riddle. This time it is slightly more difficult, good luck!

TASK: You have to guess which ones are wearing green hats and which ones are wearing black:

This are the 6 prisoners

DESCRIPTION: Each one can see 2 hats, the one on their right and the one on their left, but they can’t see their own.

Pay attention to the order, they give tips one by one:

1- F sees 2 hats, 1 of them is green (the other one must be black then)

2- After listening to A, C figures out which hat he must be wearing (he doesn’t know before listening to F)

3,4,5- They wait to talk after C, and they all confirm they see only 1 green hat next to them

You don’t know how many green and black hats there are of each color (6 in total, all of them must be wearing one), but they do know how many hats there are of each color.
For example, if B were the only black hat, C would know his hat is green, before even listening to F (so the answer would be wrong)

We already know B is wearing a black hat. You have to guess the other 5 hats! Of course, there is only one possible solution

One Answer

I believe the answer is:


Correct answer by Anthony Ingram-Westover on April 11, 2021

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