Not so Simple? Substitution Cipher

Puzzling Asked by Stephen Howell on January 12, 2021

Once more the shores of the island of Pohnpei have been the scene of strange fogs, strange smells, and equally strange newly discovered carvings. The previous carvings have widely been thought to be have a hoax. They were quite easy to decipher. The following, however, was carved in the same cliff, atop where the previous carvings were. Those previous carvings have disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared, overnight, after a mysterious fog, which incidentally left the area smelling of bacon, engulfed the island, again. After the fog had cleared, there they were.
As before, the next evening certain letters were seen to glow blue.

it’s still possible the same dodgy individual(s) may be responsible. There’s still obviously punctuation.

However, the text is very… different.
enter image description here

If this new text can be deciphered… it is beyond the skill of anyone on the island, including myself…

If you wish to skip past deciphering the script itself, or you wish to work in a text editor, you will find a transcript below, minus the color changes:

One Answer

The colors

The text appears to be

Correct answer by Deusovi on January 12, 2021

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