How to get the CNOT error rate between 2 qubits on a given IBMQ Backend?

Quantum Computing Asked by MShakeG on September 26, 2020

How can the CNOT gate error between 2 qubits as shown on visual qubit coupling map on the IBMQ Dashboard be retrieved in Qiskit using the BackendProperties.gate_error method ?

I have been able to retrieve the U2 error rates as follows:

properties =
properties.gate_error('u2', 0) # u2 error rate for qubit-0

2 Answers

You can type the following:

provider = IBMQ.get_provider(hub='YOUR-HUB-NAME', group='YOUR-GROUP-NAME', project='YOUR-PROJECT_NAME')

You should see an interactive widget with 5 tabs. Under the Multi-Qubit Gates tab, you can see the CNOT error rate between any two connected qubits on that given backend.

If you don't see the widget, import and then try to run the commands again.

Correct answer by Winona on September 26, 2020

Try this:

provider = IBMQ.get_provider(hub='YOUR-HUB-NAME', group='YOUR-GROUP-NAME', project='YOUR-PROJECT_NAME')
backend = provider.get_backend('ibmq_**your_device**') 
for gate_i in
    print("{} gate on qubits {} error rate is {}{}".format(, gate_i.qubits, gate_i.parameters[0].value, gate_i.parameters[0].unit))

It should print out the list that you got from the Widget.

Answered by KAJ226 on September 26, 2020

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